Cyclists and Palma traffic laws

Cyclists in Palma are still none the wiser about which the city council continues to tinker with while the police mount a crackdown. Palma local police are closing down on cyclist that fail to comply with the traffic laws.  Fines of up to 120 euros are being handed out per infraction which includes listening to music with headphones, not having a bell, headlights of rear lights. Cyclist are complaining that the laws are not explained clearly enough. The moto “not knowing the law is not an excuse” is being taken to the extreme by the authorities when there is no precise information either on the Palma city council or the Local police website. One of the most common faults has been listening to music while cycling, one of he rules that fails to be mentioned in the council’s manifesto.  And if that could be considered common sense than laws pointing out that the use of a helmet when driving through the city is not necessary destroys that theory.
Bicycle users also seem to be developing a sense of injustice towards skateboarders and users of rollerblades who they feel present a greater hazard fir pedestrians but get away with it.
Violators can avoid the fines by enrolling in awareness courses that can be done at the Cuartel Son Fernando in Avenida Son Ferrando.  The course lasts around two hours and is available for cyclists with no privies offenses including car and motorbike. For more information, contact the Ajuntament de Palma website.
Palma de Mallorca
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