Palma de Mallorca to be the capital of nautical cinema

Palma is getting ready to host the second nautical-themed film festival Val Maremostra which this year features a vast international selection of films. The second addition of the international festival will commence on Saturday May 4th in the Teatre Principal in the centre of Palma with screenings in English, Spanish and Catalan. this year the theme will be the sea and its relation with other activities such as environmental health, sports, gastronomy, science, commercial cinema and political activation. At a press conference in Port Adriano, festival directors Cristina Gomez, Alvaro Iglesias and Angel Puig announced some of the main changes of this years’s programme. Full length films will be accompanied by “Windows Phone Short Clips” and live cooking competitions, presentations, press conferences, concerts, work shops and “Cientific Coffee shops” and meeting points for investigators, producers, chefs, sports fans and general public. Films fans will have the opportunity to see publications like Fish Flight, The Whale, Sharks of lost island, Beyond pollution or Surfing with sharks, Chasing Mavericks, Raw and Big Miracle, all of them award winning movies which will delight most water sports enthusiasts and this concerned with the protection and management of the marine environment. The event, supported this year by the San Francisco Ocean Film and Sitges festival will be based mainly at the Es Baluard Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art and Cineciutat (on Monday May 8th only) and at the Teatre Principal in Palma city where the award for the best Balearic production and closing ceremony on the 11th with take place.
Palma de Mallorca

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