Palma’s Congress Centre and Hotel up for sale

Palma City Council is going to vote in favour of a motion to put the controversial convention centre and hotel up for sale as separate properties. As a local newspaper commented¬† ” that’s a big piece of Mallorca real estate for sale ” The Palma city council has decide to try and sell off the convention centre and hotel in a bid to also off load the 70 million euro debt the uncompleted construction has run up. Work on the complex was halted over a year ago with the council unable to keep up with the payments and despite desperate attempts to interest local and international companies in the concession to manage the convention centre and adjacent five star hotel, the council has failed. According to the Council for Urban Development, Jesus Valls, another 12 months work is needed to comp,eye the convention centre and around 6 months to finish the hotel.
Palma de Mallorca

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