Spain has one bar for every 132 inhabitants.

A study has lifted the lid on bar and tapas culture in Spain, revealing that it
remains an important part of daily life despite falling sales.
Spain’s 350,000 bars and restaurants were the focus of a new study by Coca-Cola.
Over 2,000 people participated in the study which looked at the relationship that the
Spanish have with their local bars.

Two thirds of the Spaniards claim to know the name of their waiter in their favourite
bar and some 30 percent say that they trust them enough to give them their home
keys. 84 percent of those surveyed associated bars with fun, enjoyment or happiness,
while 64 percent agree that bars are a good place to “unwind” and meet loved ones.
64 percent see bars as a “symbol” of Spanish culture, citing as an example the world’s
oldest, Madrid’s ‘Botin’ which first opened its doors in 1725.
More than half of Spaniards suveyed said that they regularly visit bars despite the crisis,
with 36 percent visiting “several times a week” and a hardcore 5 percent who go more
than once a day. Among the attractions of the bars, clients listed the quality of food
and drink (22 percent), friendly staff (21 percent) and price (14 percent)
One of the great advantages of having a business in Spain, say the CEO of the leader
Mallorca estate agents First Mallorca, is that you can pop out and have a meeting
over a coffee in a relaxed sunny street environment – or just wind down from stress in
the office.

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