Tigers on the loose in Mallorca


A local Mallorca council is waging war on the tiger mosquitoes which are causing problems across the island. The Marratxi council has launched an awareness and information campaign which not only involves leaflets, which include information about what action to take in the event of being bitten by one, but the preventative  measures such as what to do if the larva is found.
The breeding season begins late May and continues until September and as temperatures begin to rise, this only fuels their breeding.  Tiger mosquitoes can grow up to 10 millimeters and do have a strong string. Their favourite  breeding places are pools of stagnant water during the first two weeks of June and a number of councils will be laying traps as the mosquitoes begin to mate.
Mallorca estate agents or anyone else noticing abandoned swimming pools should report to the local council immediately, because million of mosquitoes can breed in their stagnant water in a week.

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