German and Spanish bid to develop a new Mallorca casino

Palma de Mallorca – offers to create a new casino are flying according to the authorities after the approval of a new government law. So far three companies have shown interest in building and running a new gaming establishment and have presented a formal bit to the Business and Trade department. The Nervion group, from Guillemot Alomar, who already owns the Casino Mallorca at Porto Pi in Palma, is according to press reports, the one in a better position to win the contest due to their location in Palma. The project will see the creation of a 5 star hotel and casino with 19 playing tables and 150 slot machines. German group Merkur, involved in the island through the Dosniha company, wants to create a casino next to the Bendinat castle and to invest a sum of over 10 million euros in the project. The third bid is from the Bingo Teatro Balearic, property of businessman Eusebio Cano, who intends to invest in the creation of facilities for 15 playing tables and 100 games machines. Authorities have said the new gaming laws was a created “to meet the demand of Tourism and Gaming departments who represent business proposals with immense quality and vision to generate economic resources outside Mallorca‘s high season by trying to attract clientele with higher spending power.” The government is waiting for more bits to arrive and are hoping to take a decision before September. Will it encourage Chinese investors to buy property in Mallorca, they are big gamblers.

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